Students Projects and Internship

Completed Projects

► Lung cancer model generation in Mice with A549 cell lines

► Comparative pharmacokinetics parameters (C max , T max , AUC 0-24 ) after single dose of Test sample against Reference sample using wistar rats

► Viral antiserum raising in New Zealand white rabbits

► Historical data generation in Rat and Mice

► Pharmacokinetic studies

Ongoing Projects

► Bioavailability Study of Quercetin and Resveratrol and its Nanoformulation in Wistar Rats

► Anti-atherogenic and Anti-inflammatory actions of Nelumbo nucifera rhizomes in the diet-induced obese rat

► Rabbit PK study with anticancer drug

► Mouse PK study

Upcoming Studies

► Avian Acute Toxicity Test

► Pharmacokinetic Studies

► Rat PK studies

► Anti-cancer efficacy studies