About Our Company

Mass Biotech Pvt. Ltd. Is a biomedical contract research organization to cater the needs of industries and academia. We have CPCSEA (Ministry of fisheries, animal husbandry and dairying, Govt. of India) approved animal breeding and research facility. We conduct invivo experiments using important small animal models including rat, mice, Guinea pigs, rabbits, hamster and zebra fish. In vitro experiments mainly focused on cell culture testing and anti-cancer testing with 3D spheroid culture

We are having 3D spheroid culture techniques to screen anti-cancer drugs and other nutraceutical products.  Current techniques are having some limitation to transfer the drugs from invitro test to invivo test. This 3D spheroid culture technique over comes the above said limitations and is highly useful in cancer drug development. 3D technology is new technique by which various anti-cancer products can be tested easily. Also we are registered lab animal breeder for trading. We do supply lab animals like rat, mice, hamster, guinea pig and rabbits to various research institution, CROs, pharma companies and universities. We do support student research projects. We are registered with MSME, CPCSEA for doing animal works. The site is located in Chengalpattu which 50km away from Chennai. We do have office in Chennai address.